About Us

Organic in nature, Original in taste

Rajam Snacks® is the by word for a South Indian Taste in the world of Snacks. With a humble beginning in 2000 Rajam Snacks brought a homely taste of South Indian snacks to the homes of Mumbai, and now it is a ‘Taste’ that millions enjoy across India and many other countries too. Many changes were needed in increasing and improving our produce and service but one thing that we carefully kept unchanged is our traditional culinary expertise.

About 40 varieties of Rajam Snacks Delicacies are still made following the traditional methods, though state-of-art technology have been employed in our manufacturing facilities avoiding Human touch to ensure superior hygiene. The ‘Taste’ and the ‘Well-being’ of the consumers have always been the first priority in the making of the Rajam Snacks Delicacies, and so no preservatives are added. With the best raw materials used in the making of Rajam Snacks every care is taken to ensure that our Delicacies retain Freshness and Flavour. We maintain our raw material quality by producing in-house our own flour, the secret of our consistent ‘Taste’.

Our Drawbacks are our Strengths too! With all natural and organic raw materials being used and absolutely no preservatives added Rajam Snacks stands a lesser shelf life than other snacks available in market. We choose to keep this weakness rather than compromise on our core brand identity of being Organic in nature and Original in Taste.

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ORGANIC in Nature and ORIGINAL in Taste